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Weir/Caldwell Fans
Looking for input on fic ideas for bigbang 
24th-Mar-2011 02:27 pm
Weir/Caldwell I
Hey y'all! I am looking for opinions regarding which SGA idea I should pursue for my scifibigbang story. I posted this on my personal journey but thought it was fitting to crosspost to here, since this comm's readers are the prime target for either option. :)

Both will be Weir-centric and have at least some delicious Weir/Caldwell. But I have two ideas and I'm sort of torn between them. So I want your opinions on the ideas and which I should work on for this challenge.

Idea #1, Codename: Seven Wonders
This would be more heavy on the Weir/Caldwell specifically and would go AU somewhere around S3 in terms of canon. The premise would be that, through some calamity, Weir and Caldwell would end up stranded on a planet without a Stargate where they would be forced to acclimate to this new world and basically slowly fall in love as they dealt with the loss of their old lives and began new ones. There would be an eventual circle back to Atlantis and other such happenings in there, too.

Idea #2, Codename: 7of9
The codename from this one comes from my comparison of nanite-infested Weir to 7of9. Anyway, this story would try to stay canon compliant and would be set post-finale. Caldwell and the team discover that Weir was not killed by Oberoth or turned into a replicator but had escaped the Asurans and has been living in exile on a planet in the Pegasus scared to return home for fear she would endanger Atlantis. But even though it is now is safe for her to return since the Asurans have been destroyed, she is faced with distrust and suspicion since her teammates believe that her consciousness is embodied in the a replication of FRAN floating in space.

So thoughts? I like #2 which is newer and canon compliant (and means I have been consuming far more of postS3 SGA than I ever wanted) but I'm worried that making there be three Weirs might be a little too canon-denying on one hand but on the other, I really hate what they did in Ghost in the Machine.

Which one sounds more interesting to y'all? Which would you actually want to read? Etc. and so forth. Any comments relating to one or both of the stories and your preferences thereof are welcome!
24th-Mar-2011 07:07 pm (UTC)
Um. I can't have both? Lol. Then I guess I would vote for #1. I have a weakness for stranded off world fic. :)

Yay, Weir/Caldwell!
24th-Mar-2011 07:32 pm (UTC)
Well, I have to write one first, the other may come later. XD

Yeah, I have a total weakness for it too and I feel like W/C deserves their own version!
24th-Mar-2011 07:40 pm (UTC)
I am a sucker for stranded and falling in love fics. So #1.
I need someone to make up for stupid Star Trek Voyager leading me on to think things are gonna happen between Janeway and Chakotay... Still bitter.
24th-Mar-2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
OMG I DID NOT EVEN THINK OF THE NEW EARTH CONNECTION. LOL. Probably because I was thinking more of what I've read for other Stargate pairings, but still! Both of these ideas are Voyager-tastic. Oops, lol.

And don't even get me started on the way that show screwed with me over Janeway/Chakotay. I watched for seven years for that to happen and I got nothing! NOTHING!!!

/uses pretty icon to calm herself down ;)
25th-Mar-2011 01:56 am (UTC)
Now you have to do it!
You don't have to have a monkey in it, but a hot tub wouldn't be a bad idea.
24th-Mar-2011 09:50 pm (UTC)
I vote for One. I love Weir/Caldwell stranded fic!
20th-Aug-2011 05:10 pm (UTC)
So what happened to this fic? I really wanted some new reading material!
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